Hilarity Ensues When Mothers Hijack Their Kids’ Tinders

Many people, this author included, can’t even tolerate the idea of our parents looking through our text messages. When you ramp that up to the idea of dear old Ma and Pa scrolling through my Tinder profile, the level of cringe compression in my shoulders could turn a lump of dirt into a diamond. But some brave/insane children actually allowed their folks to scan through the dating app for a laugh, and we’re glad they did.

The mothers in this video from Irish YouTubers Facts find a delightful range of reasons to decide that Tinderites aren’t worth the time of day, from choice of eyewear (“he’s hiding behind those shades for a reason”) to the number of cookies in a profile picture. The moms also stumble across some common Tinder gripes fairly quickly (“How do you know which person you’re supposed to be looking at?”)

The video reaches a whole new level of uncomfortable when the moms land on matches and start to messaging. Some moms are straightforward, saying that their spawn would like to hook up. While others offer up their best pickup lines like “Fancy a magical date?”

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