Motion Comic and Leaked Screenshots Confirm Ice Planet Setting and Co-op for Dead Space 3

A few weeks back EA teased us with the info that Dead Space 3 is happening, but then didn’t reveal any actual details about the game. There were rumors of co-op and a new ice planet environment, but no confirmation from EA.

Well, with E3 closing in those details are finally starting to flow — a couple days ago EA released a motion comic, which served as an introduction to a new character named John Carver, and today a bunch of Dead Space 3 screenshots were “leaked”. Together the motion comic and screens pretty much confirm all the major Dead Space 3 rumors. Ice planet? Check. Two players? Check. Still looks like EA’s best series? Check.

Hit the jump for the screens and video of the motion comic…

via All Games Beta

Aw, Isaac has a new friend.


Why, could this be a second new friend?!

Hit page two for more screens!

I like how the guys in  futuristic robot suits still need fuzzy winter jackets. Gets chilly in them robot suits!

Hey buddy, do you want to be decapitated? Put your helmet back on!

Hit the final page to check out the John Carver motion comic…

Lookin’ good to me. What about you folks? Anticipating f–king up some necromorphs with a pal?