‘Motorboating Girls For Breast Cancer Awareness’ Is A Good Cause Done Horribly Wrong

“Do you love boobs? We sure do.” That’s an inauspicious beginning to any video, even if said video is raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. That’s the dilemma one faces with Simple Pickup, a mega-popular YouTube channel run by three guys who “elevated the art of seduction into a science.”

On one hand, raising money for breast cancer foundations is obviously a great thing. On the other, well, did you read that last paragraph? The Simple Pickup guys are uncomfortably creepy. At Comic-Con last year, one of the men motorboated a woman even after she said no. Then this happened at a gay pride parade: “Are you trying to get raped? Because I’m down to rape you if you’re down to get raped. Just kidding. I’m not gonna rape you yet.” Ha?

Stop making me feel confused about boobs, Simple Pickup. So not cool.