Mountain Dew Doritos Cupcakes Are Today’s Reason For Giving Up

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06.28.14 4 Comments

Mountain Dew Doritos cupcakes are an affront to God. If he or she exists, of course. There is no way these should exist in any realm, but they do and we have to deal with the consequences. From Food Beast:

It’s hard to argue that the addition of Doritos to any meal (flashback to cheese-stuffed and bacon versions), so it just makes sense to use the chips in a sweet style. To make these sugar bomb cupcakes, some zesty ingredients include lemon cake mix, cream cheese, electric green food coloring and, of course, Mountain Dew and Nacho Cheese Doritos.

I blame Taco Bell for this sort of creative thinking. They don’t think about what they are doing to society with their burritos inside quesadillas, stuffed into a taco and then dipped in Arctic Blast Mountain Dew.

When people start keeling over in the streets like they’ve got Captain Trips, I can only hope we look back to this day as point zero for what happened. Then we can go burn down a grocery store in some sort of crazed dementia before death.

The saddest thing here is how much I want some Doritos now. One of those mystery bags. The kinda thing that’s going to really depress me and create a cycle of Doritos gorging.

(Via Rosanna Pansino / Food Beast)

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