20 Movie Adaptations Of Video Games We’d Like To See

Let’s face it: most movies based on video games are too terrible to even watch ironically. That doesn’t stop us from daydreaming about a good adaptation and fancasting it with our favorite actors. Several fans on deviantART have gone so far as to create posters for these fictional movie adaptations of video games. The Daily Dip compiled twenty of these fan-made posters. Some of them remake movies which already exist but probably shouldn’t have *cough* Street Fighter *cough*. Others change the cast of an adaption in development. For example, there’s already an Assassin’s Creed movie in development starring Micheal Fassbender, but one fan artist re-cast it with Cillian Murphy.
We’ve collected eleven of these fan-made posters below, with the artists credited beneath each one. You can check out the other nine over at The Daily Dip.

Made by blacklab94.

Made by themadbutcher.

Made by AKADoom.

Made by Melciah1971.

Made by Nether83.

Made by TinyButDeadly.

Made by SoenkesAdventure.

Made by JardimStudios.

Made by LeKnives.

Made by agentscarlet.

Made by TinyButDeadly.