Mr. Big’s ‘To Be With You’ Performed By Puppets Is All The World Needs Right Now

10.24.14 5 years ago 5 Comments

Ebola. ISIS. The Palin family brawl. There’s a lot of troubling stuff in the news right now, but none of that matters anymore. That’s because the heroes at Glove and Boots have come forth to give us this cover of one of the most important music videos ever made, Mr. Big’s epic ’90s hard rock ballad, “To Be With You”…but with puppets. PUPPETS. With a beaver wearing a wig that’s nearly as goddamn beautiful as the flowing locks of Mr. Big frontman Eric Martin himself. And not only that, but they have managed a flawless recreation of the original video that those of us who were starting to enter adolescence in the early ’90s remember so fondly and that showed us a brand new way to sit on chairs.

If anything, this should effectively wash the awful taste out of our mouths of that Wendy’s abomination a few months back. Now if only puppets could find a way to wash the actual taste of Wendy’s food out of our mouths.

BONUS: Here’s the side-by-side with the original. FLAWLESS.

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