Mr. Skin’s New Companion Site Finally Serves Up Meaty Leading Man Parts For The Ladies

Ladies rejoice! Mr. Skin, which has been archiving female nudity on film since 1999, has finally come out with a companion site creatively called “Mr. Man” (link NSFW!) so there’s finally a helpful resource on the internet to be able to conveniently look up all of Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s butt scenes. I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing. According to the NY Daily News:

“Traditionally movies were written, directed and owned by men, so the nudity was mostly female,” says Jim McBride, the man behind Mr. Skin, which was created eight years before it served as a major plot point in “Knocked Up” (2007).

“Now society has changed and it’s a different era where it’s totally acceptable for guys to do nude scenes.”

McBride credits shows like True Blood and Shameless with desensitizing the American viewer to the Full Monty — though female nudity remains far more ample than the male version.

Of course, while the original Mr. Skin boasts approximately 700,000 photos and videos with a $60 annual membership fee, Mr. Man costs $96 with currently only a few thousand dick pics — so us ladies haven’t broken the glass ceiling quite yet. (I think they also seriously overestimate how much women are willing to pay to see male nudity.)

Plus, if you factor in that women still only make .75 to every dollar a man makes, that makes it actually cost … *counts fingers* I don’t know, math is hard, but a lot more. We should have equal pay for equal porn! I’m pretty sure they taught us that in my women’s studies class in college.