Ms. Marvel May Be In ‘The Avengers 2’. Here’s Who May Be Playing Her

The first Avengers movie was a bit of a sausage party, but Joss Whedon is on record as saying he wants more female heroes in the second movie. Turns out one of those heroes may be Ms. Marvel.

So, who’s going to play Carol Danvers? Apparently the two front-runners are Emily Blunt, and Ruth Wilson. Interestingly Blunt was originally supposed to be Black Widow before being replaced with Scarlett Johansson. Ruth Wilson isn’t as well known as Blunt, but that’s going to change — she’s starring in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie and is being positioned as a new big thing.

Anyways, I dunno — I’m not particularly convinced that Blunt or Wilson will be able to uh, fill out the role properly. Who do you folks think should play Ms. Marvel? Would it be sexist of me to suggest Kate Upton? Maybe. Better forget I said that just in case.

via Bleeding Cool

Emily and Ruth via Shutterstock