A Live Shot On MSNBC Was Interrupted By Three Random Bystanders Wearing Inflatable T-Rex Costumes

While failed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore’s lawsuit alleging voter fraud and demanding a new special election dominated most of Thursday’s news, the controversial GOP tax bill also made its way into the cycle. As a result, many of the 24-hour cable news networks dedicated at least some airtime to covering the new legislation — including MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson and CNBC’s Ylan Mui, who spoke about how it would affect the IRS. As Boston news producer Leo Ruiz and others monitoring the segment on Twitter quickly noticed, however, the real action was happening behind Jackson’s on-location live shot.

“@HallieJackson reporting live from Jurassic Park,” Ruiz joked in a tweet that included a few closeup shots of Jackson’s background taken with a smartphone. Behind the anchor, three random bystanders dressed in inflatable dinosaur costumes put on a show of their own.

Neither Jackson nor Mui ever seemed to notice the trio of T-Rexes in the shot’s background, but Ruiz and just about everyone else who retweeted his post or watched the live broadcast did. And when the Boston producer’s tweet ultimately went viral, Jackson shared it with with a brief note of explanation and a joke of her own.

(Via MSNBC & Mediaite)