MSNBC Host: Trump Has Been Laundering Money For Putin For 20-30 Years

MSNBC host Donny Deutsch made some serious, yet not wholly unbelievable accusations about Donald Trump and his ties to Russia on Thursday’s Morning Joe. The moment came at the end of a discussion on the president’s decision not to penalize Turkey for its assault on the Kurds, when Deutch presented an alleged theory for Trump’s foreign policy decisions.

“Make no mistake because it’s easy to forget, but let’s not forget it,” Deutsch interjected. “This is all about failed casinos. He is owned by Putin because he’s been laundering money, Russian money for the last 20, 30 years. He’s owned by them.”

“That’s what this is. You talk to any banker in New York, any business person in New York, any real estate person,” Deutch continued. “We have a president that’s selling out our military that’s costing lives because he is owned by our geopolitical enemy because he’s been laundering money for him as a criminal organization for the last 30 years.”

At that point host Joe Scarborough jumped in to remind viewers that any money laundering accusations are “speculation and only speculation,” from New York bankers who have loaned money to Trump in the past, and may have an axe to grind.

Although, Scarborough admitted, Trump’s ties to Putin are undeniable and will come out eventually.

“We all will be absolutely fascinated when we finally figure out what Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump and why Donald Trump has surrendered the Middle East, helped ISIS, helped Iran, helped Russia, helped Turkey, helped all of our enemies and betrayed all of our allies,” Scarborough continued.

“You know, a lot of people think that he has compromising pictures or something happened in a hotel in Russia years ago,” he added, dismissing the omnipresent rumors of a so-called pee-pee tape. “No. It goes back to money. It’s always about money.”

(Via Mediaite)