My Best Friend’s Sister’s Boyfriend’s Brother’s Girlfriend Heard Ferris Bueller Is Returning For The Super Bowl

Still over a week away but this is how you know we’ve officially entered countdown mode. Super Bowl commercial teasers.

As much as I’ll probably dislike the end — as of now unknown — campaign when I realize Matthew Broderick is reprising Ferris Bueller to sell me car insurance and not fashionable sweater vests, I have to say the ten second teaser released yesterday (after the jump) is a viral marketing triumph. Closing in on 500K views supports this assertion. It’s just a fun blend of nostalgia, brevity, and likability. There are few things we can all agree on, and one of those things is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a national treasure of a film.

Also nice to see Broderick can transform into Bueller in the blink of the eye. I like the idea of him waking up some glorious mornings and blowing off whatever Broadway show he’s currently starring in to run reckless around the city, getting into assorted shenanigans while Sarah Jessica Parker attempts to track him down. Fingers crossed this campaign is for Ashley Madison or Four Loko.

CHICKACHIKA! Amirite? Seriously, I’ve seen it written phonetically like five different ways.

YouTube via Best Week Ever

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