The Wacky MyPillow Guy Is Absolutely Thrilled That Dominion Is Suing Him For Over $1 Billion For Spreading Absurd Election Conspiracies

In what may eventually be known as the “weirdest flex of all time,” MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is reportedly ecstatic over the $1.3 billion lawsuit Dominion just slapped him with.

Lindell, who’s dedicated most of his time recently to spewing conspiracy theories related to the 2020 presidential election, visited Steve Bannon’s podcast — which is titled War Room Pandemic … because, of course — this morning to share how thrilled he was at the news of this latest lawsuit. Dominion has been handing out billion-dollar defamation filings to some of Trump’s favorite voter-fraud-spouting mouthpieces including lawyer Sidney Powell. Lindell is the latest lackey to land in their crosshairs after he crafted a bizarre “documentary” that claimed to have evidence of Dominion tampering with its own machines in Georgia. Most of the claims within the film had already been debunked but that hasn’t stopped Lindell from working on more docs he alleges will expose the tech company. A $1.3 billion lawsuit might change that, or it might just add fuel to the out-of-touch-with-reality fire Lindell seems to be kindling.

In his talk with Bannon, the business mogul seemed in good spirits, despite the announced legal proceedings.

“So they finally did! It’s a beautiful day here for America,” Lindell said. “I want everybody to know that this is a great day because the truth is going to come out. I don’t care how long it takes and how much money it costs.” Lindell went on to taunt national news outlets like CNN and Fox News, saying “I dare CNN, Fox, Newsmax, any of you guys to have me on TV today to talk about Dominion.”

Either that pillow money is really good, or Lindell is even more delusional than we thought. Either way, if any news shows want to contribute to Dominion’s case, granting this guy airtime so he can dig himself a deeper grave seems like an option.