This Man Was Arrested For Sitting In His Yard Naked And Allegedly Threatening His Neighbor With An AK-47

Brian Tracy Carroll, 45, of Salisbury, N.C., was arrested last Saturday and charged with indecent exposure and communicating threats, stemming from a dispute with an unnamed neighbor. The neighbor called police because Carroll was sitting in his backyard naked in a lawn chair — less than 30 feet from where the neighbor’s teenage daughter was riding a horse — although it’s unclear if that was the cause of the dispute or the result of it.

According to WisTV 10 News, Carroll was also accused of threatening his neighbor with an AK-47 because why stop at indecent exposure directed at a minor?

The report notes that when asked why he was naked, Carroll, referring to his neighbor said “he p***** me off so I sat in that chair.” Carroll allegedly told deputies that he wanted to be naked and wasn’t going to put on any clothes, stating “I don’t care.”

Deputies asked Carroll if he had threatened his neighbors by saying that he had an AK-47 and “knew how to use it.” Carroll said that he did make the statement, then laughed, according to the report.

Well, I’m glad someone found the whole thing funny.