This Guy Allegedly Gave A Naked, Knife-Wielding Banjo Concert During A Standoff

On Sunday morning, a man woke up in Vancouver, Wash. and resolved to have a terrible day. Some of these behaviors are alleged, but they’re pretty believable after watching this video. His afternoon standoff with police was filled with bizarre banjo playing and a possible naked jaunt with a knife.

The Q13 Fox television station reports how officers responded to a home on reports of domestic assault. Upon arrival, the police spoke with witnesses who say the man wandered the neighborhood whilst naked and brandishing a knife.

Once the police arrived at the man’s home, he disappeared inside where he stayed for hours. After a tense standoff, the man walked out of the house and started playing shirtless banjo. Thank goodness he put some shorts on for this part of the act.

Eventually, police had enough of the man’s sick banjo beat and shot him with a rubber bullet. He screamed like a baby and soon found himself strapped onto a stretcher. After being charged with felony assault, the man sits in the Clark County jail with no nakedness, no knife, and no banjo.

(Via Death and Taxes and Q13 Fox Washington)