Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Team Up To Sell Burger King Cheesy Tots

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Burger King is bringing back their famous cheesy tots, which were discontinued in 2009 (although briefly available for a limited time in 2013) and described as a “bite-sized combination of warm potatoes and melty cheese inside with a crispy outside.” (Which to be honest, sounds like more of a “popper” than a tot situation to me, but that’s besides the point.) And to announce the big news, the fast food chain has enlisted the help of none other than Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez themselves, reprising their Napoleon Dynamite characters.

It’s now 12 years later and both Napoleon and Pedro may have evolved significantly in the hairstyle department (although only slightly in the fashion department), but clearly they still love them some tots. Napoleon has some serious buyer’s remorse, making the crucial mistake of neglecting to order himself any cheesy tots and instead asks Pedro if he can have one of his. But because a decade and some change later, he’s still a socially awkward buffoon, naturally he takes all of Pedro’s cheesy tots down to the last one right out of his fingers.

Is it just me, or didn’t a very wise man once say, “No, go find your own?”

Well, either way, at $1.99 for an order of eight, there are plenty of cheesy tots for everyone, or at least for a limited time.

(Via TMZ, Business Insider)