Natali the Latest To Not Make Neuromancer

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05.10.10 3 Comments

“Neuromancer” is a science fiction classic, if not an outright classic. It created the term “cyberspace”, it launched William Gibson’s career, and Hollywood naturally snapped it up to be a movie, where it’s rotted in development hell ever since.

The last we heard, the guy who directed the profoundly ridiculous “Torque” was going to be mangling it, but apparently he’s out and Vincenzo Natali, who just unofficially remade “Species”, is now going to bring this classic to the screen.

Of course, he just actually signed, as in a contract, to adapt children’s book Tunnels. And he’s also been tied to a 3D Swamp Thing and an adaptation of the obscure (and utterly awesome) “High Rise” by J.G. Ballard.

So, yeah, we wouldn’t get too excited about “Neuromancer” being absolved of the sin of being too intelligent for teenagers by the Church of Hollywood just yet.

[ via QuietEarth ]

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