Some Are Questioning This French Woman’s Search For The Father Of Her Unborn Child

In this YouTube video, a young Parisian woman named Natalie Aymot stands on an Australian beach in search of the “really cute” guy she says fathered her baby. Natalie says she is currently pregnant after having done the deed in a one-night stand. She returned down under to find this mystery guy. She does not know his name, and her phone went missing before she could memorize the digits. Natalie insists the man is so handsome, tan, and blonde that she couldn’t resist trying to find him. She believes it was “love at first sight” when she first spotted him, but they only spent one “beautiful” evening in each other’s arms. How romantic.

Now Natalie’s putting the full-court press on this dude via the internet. She launched a YouTube page, and this video quickly went viral. She started a Facebook page, but people called her out as a fake. Natalie doesn’t understand why people think she’s pulling a hoax:

“I’m shaking now I’m in crying now……what if he doesn’t want to see me now, maybe he is shy…. am so lonely right now. Please .i didn’t think it would be on news…i just want to see him again…sorry..i have nothing left if i don’t find him ill go home…i just want to see ..if he says no then ok…is that wrong? If you don’t want to help or are rude please just go back to you lives and don’t judge me [sic]. I said if he isn’t interested ill go home and that is it….can i not try though? why is that so bad. i don’t want to go not tv as he will scare by it… lost here.”

Well, if this guy exists, he’s probably scared enough already that Natalie has launched a full-on social media campaign. This was, after all, a one-night stand, and they never made plans to see each other again. Whether or not she’s telling the truth is open to interpretation. These days, anyone can use an iPhone to skyrocket into YouTube pregnancy fame. If this isn’t a hoax, Natalie will have a hard time proving her version of events to internet skeptics.

Here are some sample comments from Natalie’s YouTube video page.

(Via the Daily Mail)