DeAndre Jordan’s Potential Change Of Heart Made The NBA Go Crazy With Emojis

From now on, July 8, 2015 will be known as the day emojis ruled the NBA landscape. First it was the likes of Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, Chandler Parsons and Blake Griffin, tweeting out emojis once news broke of DeAndre Jordan’s apparent change of heart and meeting with the Los Angeles Clippers. Then other players, teams, coaches and…Billy Crystal got in on the action.

Austin Rivers, son of Clippers coach, Doc Rivers, who also shares DeAndre Jordan’s agent, Dan Fegan, also got in on the action.

The best moment, however, came from Paul Pierce, who unfortunately showed his age when he tweeted clip art instead of an emoji.

Now, common courtesy is to respect your elders and not call them out for their mistakes. Technology is hard, after all. But that is not the way of Rudy Gobert, who burned Pierce as viciously as he blocks shots.

The only way this day could get better/even more bizarre is if Jordan announced his decision with an emoji.

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