Neighbors Are Mad At The Couple That’s Making Their House Look Like The ‘Up’ Home

When you’re 90 years old, retired, and never leave the house, your biggest complaint tends to be something that happens outside the window. For example: a couple that remodeled their old Victorian style house to look like the house from the movie Up. Via NBC Bay Area:

A Santa Clara, Calif., neighborhood is up in arms over a neighbor’s decision to renovate an old Victorian to resemble the home in the animated movie “Up.”

Hosam Haggog and Fatima Rahman spent more than two years on the renovations of their home in the highly sought-after Old Quad neighborhood.

“They love the movie ‘Up’ and we just thought we’d give them something fun to be proud of and actually all the kids in the neighborhood really love the colors,” Haggog said of his daughters.

They must really love that movie to spend two years renovating their house. Let’s hear the complaints from people who care enough to complain on camera about WHIMSY.

“I don’t think it fits in,” neighbor Lou Faria said of the renovated Victorian.

Faria, who also is a member of the Old Quad Residents Association, said the Haggog and Rahman should have kept to the historic theme of the neighborhood.

“It really, in my opinion, is atrocious that this Victorian is a gracious old lady and it’s being painted up to look like a clown,” Faria said.

I think that once you call a house a “gracious old lady,” you should just give up, and let it fly away into the sunset. That, or be put into one of those homes that takes care of senior citizens. If you watch the video, every other house on that street looks like garbage. So, if their intention is to keep it old and busted, these new people make it look better with their Up house. Plus, the kids will grow up, and they will have to paint it again or else they’ll look insane.

(Via NBC Bay Area)