Nelson Mandela Has Not Passed Away

The world’s most notorious serial killer has struck again, and this time the victim was Nelson Mandela. Of course, I’m talking about Twitter, as the social networking site has a tendency of being a go-to news source for people with severe attention deficit disorder. A lot of people don’t bother to take the next step in confirming a story by Googling the topic or checking an actual news site, and that’s how we end up burying Jon Bon Jovi once a year.

Having killed many celebrities in the past, Twitter somewhat succeeded today in disposing of the former South African president. Mandela, who is currently in the hospital for the fourth time since December and is in “serious but stable” condition, was declared deceased by none other than Piers Morgan, and his Tweet was retweeted more than 1,000 times and counting.

Except, if you look closely, that’s @piersrnorgan and if you simply look at the account’s description, it’s a parody account. But people don’t bother doing something as simple as looking before they play the telephone game, so when your mom calls you later and says, “I heard that Nelson Mandela died today”, you can say, “No that was a joke from an account that Tweeted ‘I am an absolute f*cking c*nt’ right before it.”

And in case you were wondering, Mandela still ranks No. 3 on the Official Nelson Power Rankings behind Nelson Muntz and, you guessed it…