Netflix, Of All Things, Is Taking A Hard Stance On The Endless Debate Over Cargo Shorts

In case you haven’t heard, the internet has recently declared war on a wardrobe staple of many men, the ubiquitous cargo short. The eternal debate on cargo shorts is nothing new, but things really came to a head earlier this month when a piece by the Wall Street Journal titled, “Nice Cargo Shorts! You’re Sleeping on the Sofa” went viral, detailing the rise and the fall of the popular men’s active wear.

Opponents of the cargo short argue that the shorts are unflattering, baggy, outdated, and what the hell do you need all those pockets for anyway? Supporters of cargo shorts argue that you can pry their cargo shorts off of their cold dead butts, probably. At least one member of the Uproxx staff has very, very strong feelings about cargo shorts:

But now Netflix has unequivocally weighed in on the cargo shorts debate with this web exclusive PSA, featuring characters from streamable TV shows and movies, pleading cargo short wearers: “Do your part and throw yours in the trash today.” That’s right, throw them in the trash. Not even like, donate them to Goodwill, because we don’t need our disadvantaged walking around in these eyesores. They have enough problems as it is.

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