Netflix Went Absolutely Savage With Its ‘Gossip Girl’ Description, And People Noticed


Gossip Girl has been off the air now for six years — this month, actually — however the sordid exploits of the Manhattan teen elite live on over at Netflix, so that future generations might understand what it was like to live in the era when gossip blogs reigned supreme. The long-running, scandalous CW series seemed squarely dated in the aughts even as it aired, however the Netflix description for the show still seems a little harsh, all things considered.

“Rich, unreasonable attractive private school students do horrible, scandalous things to each other. Repeatedly,” read the blurb on the Gossip Girl overview as of Monday night, which was noticed by comedian Lane Moore.

“Netflix: ‘let’s get someone who fuckin hates Gossip Girl to write the description of Gossip Girl,'” quipped Moore, who posted a screenshot on Twitter that quickly went viral.

Another subscriber also confirmed that this was, indeed, the actual description:

Savage? Perhaps. But soon others began piling on to note that, well, the description is not exactly wrong.

Even Netflix itself even eventually weighed in:

Between this and the Friends expiration warning, you almost have to wonder if Netlifx is testing out a new marketing strategy with these descriptions. By Tuesday morning however, the description on the Gossip Girl landing page appears to have changed.

“A group of hyperprivileged Manhattan private school kids seem to get away with everything. Except an anonymous blogger is watching their every move,” it now reads — which is kind of a shame, because most of us would probably rather watch the salacious show about the backstabbing frenemies.

To each their own, as they say.