Netflix Is Sticking By Rush Limbaugh (UPDATED)

As you may have heard, advertisers are fleeing shout-y monster Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated AM radio propaganda program in the wake of his comments that women who use birth control are “sluts” who should be forced to post sex tapes online for him to fap to. Among the companies to pull ads so far: AOL, ProFlowers, Quicken Loans, Sleep Number beds, Sleep Train, Citrix Systems, LegalZoom. Among the Limbaugh advertisers who are so far sticking with him: Netflix and Geico.

So now you, like me, can feel a little icky and conflicted when you sit down tonight to watch something on Netflix — a company that is no stranger to controversy. Also, as Hypervocal points out, how the hell have major companies like the ones mentioned above held their nose all these years and advertised with the guy in the first place? He’s been spouting this same sort of stuff for 20 years.

UPDATE: Geico released a statement saying that any Geico ads running on Limbaugh’s show are the result of local ad buyers purchasing airtime and not the company.

(Pic via SomeEcards)