Never Too Early To Learn Beer Pong (And Links)

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“Apparently, it’s never to early to get your kid enrolled in college prep classes.” — That’s Nerdalicious

Dear Internet: Stop Calling ‘The Hunger Games’ A ‘Battle Royale’ Rip-Off |UPROXX|

‘Let Me Tweet That For You’ Will Be Your Favorite Thing On The Internet For The Next Five Minutes |UPROXX|

TV Gourmet: Making Food and Drinks from ‘Archer’ |Warming Glow|

Old Dirty Bastard biopic to star Omar from The Wire |Film Drunk|

The Biggest Tease Of A Fake Sports Story |With Leather|

The Craziest 10 Minutes In NFL History |Smoking Section|

Will Ferrell Discusses Butt Sex, Demonstrates Dog Training Skills On Conan |UPROXX|

Mistah F.A.B. – “God Don’t Love Me (RIP Trayvon Martin)” |Smoking Section|

The SF Giants Mascot Battle Royal, Or ‘Giant Seal Doesn’t Know How To Work’ |With Leather|

‘Mad Men’: The 8-Bit Choose Your Own Adventure Game |Warming Glow|

Frotcast 92: HOTT GOSS, Stand Up with Joe King & Pauly, The Ultimate Manswer |Film Drunk|

Photoshop Challenge: What’s On Rick Santorum’s Etch-A-Sketch? |UPROXX|

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sloths |The FW|

13 Oddly Intelligent Instances Of Bathroom Graffiti |HuffPost Comedy|

6 Actors Who Played the Exact Same Role in Two Very Different Franchises |Unreality|

Why Do the Sitcoms We Love Have So Little in Common with the Lives We Lead? |Pajiba|

Jennifer Lawrence Hurls A Bucket Of KFC Fried Chicken At A Basketball Hoop |Buzzfeed|

VIDEO BELOW: Cat wants the lights off. |via DP&F|

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