Here Are Six Guys Warner Wants To Cast As The New Batman (And One Who Doesn’t Want The Job)

When Warner announced Batman vs Superman at their Comic-Con panel, we immediately wanted to know who would play Batman. We already knew Christian Bale was done with the character, and we recently learned the new Batman will likely be introduced in Man of Steel 2, filming in early 2014 to be released in 2015. The script isn’t finished, but we’ve already heard that six actors are on the studio’s shortlist.

The Hollywood Reporter says the new Batman will be in his late 30s or around 40, already established as a crime-fighter (no origin story necessary) and “rugged”. Although no offers have been made, they say these six actors are the top picks so far (and we know one guy who’s already ruled himself out).

To be clear, these are not our picks. We’re reporting rumors, not making a wish list.

Josh Brolin, age 46. THR says two of their sources peg Brolin as the frontrunner, while another source denies any casting has been discussed. Brolin has already worked with Warner several times. They let him star in Gangster Squad even after Jonah Hex bombed (and could you lay the blame for Hex on Brolin anyway?). Brolin also has a connection to Frank Miller (who wrote the storyline Batman vs Superman will be based upon). The two are working together on Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

We’ll level with you. Brolin is the oldest guy on this list, and the second most grizzled. He’d be facing the prospect of being a fifty-something Batman in a later sequel. We’re skeptical.

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Ryan Gosling, age 32. Baby goose! He’s the youngest, prettiest one on the list, and may not fit Warner’s desire for an established, rugged, almost-40 Batman. But he sure is dreamy.

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Joe Manganiello, age 36. Snyder was rumored to be considering this True Blood werewolf for the Superman role before picking Henry Cavill, so don’t count him out for another role if his schedule with HBO permits.

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Richard Armitage, age 41. You might be saying “Who?”, but he plays Thorin in The Hobbit and he was a complete bastard in BBC’s Robin Hood. (Just me? Nobody else watched that? Okay.)

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Max Martini, age 43. (AKA that guy who played the dad in Pacific Rim) Remember when I said Josh Brolin was the second most grizzled on this list? Yeah. Furthermore, Ginger Batman. Sure, why not? Ginger Batman.

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Matthew Goode, age 35. He worked with Snyder in Watchmen, playing Ozymandias. Look upon his impossibly handsome visage, ye mighty, and despair.

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One we can rule out: Armie Hammer, age 26. If his age didn’t already rule him out, his own statements have. Hammer was signed to play Batman in the cancelled Justice League movie George Miller was going to direct five years ago. Now Hammer is starring opposite Henry Cavill in The Man from UNCLE. He joked to Metro, “I think if Henry and I did that film and then a superhero film straight after, people might start to wonder about us.”

He also said, “I’m not actually a big fan of superhero films. If you have a guy who is supposed to be invulnerable, then what’s the point?”

Money. The point is money.

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[Hat tip to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety]