A New ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Rumor May Clear Up All The Casting News

If there’s one thing news from Batman Vs.Superman has been, it’s been stuffed with casting reports. Wonder Woman has been cast, but there are also rumors surrounding The Rock, Jason Momoa, and rumors of everybody from Aquaman to Nightwing showing up. So is this movie basically going to be “Henry Cavill Punches All The Superheroes?” Nope, because they’re not going to be in just one movie.

Yes, the current rumor is that Batman Vs. Superman will center around, well, Batman and Superman, and the rest of the Justice League will only show up at the very end for a cliffhanger. The good news is that the movie resolving that cliffhanger would come in 2016. Here’s what’s in the works, according to Latino Review:

This would also explain the abundance of characters we keep hearing linked to BvS, and should also soothe the fears of folks that think it’s going to be too loaded a film. In essence, all this talk of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Flash, Green Lantern, etc might all just be leading to a single gigantic group cameo before the credits roll, starting a fever pitch of anticipation for Justice League in 2016.

Well, hopefully, at any rate. It’s worth noting this is a strategy Warner Brothers has used before; it’s how The Lord of The Rings was produced, how they shot the two Matrix sequels, and so on. It would also mean that they could cram in more stars, as it’s a lot cheaper to use your celebrities for a year and then spend a year in post than it is to try and get everybody back to shoot the sequel.

If true, and there’s some degree of speculation here, it explains a lot. Now hopefully the movies will actually be good.

via Latino Review