New Cartoon Breaks Out Our Odds of Surviving As a Species

Usually, when we look into the future, it’s pretty bleak. Robots kill us all. An asteroid wipes out civilization. Aliens show up and decide “Man, screw you guys” and fry us all.

But, if we stick to the actual science, the good news is, according to New Scientist we’ll probably survive as a species, no matter what the galaxy can throw at us.

The animation, under the cut, actually takes a fairly hopeful and scientific look at just how screwed we’d be biologically if we, say, started a nuclear war, or an asteroid hit us, or we destroyed the planet with our own stupidity and hubris. We’d be pretty good! Not great, like, society would probably be destroyed, but the species would still be around.

Still…Mars colony would be nice. Let’s back up civilization on a Mars colony, OK?