This Week’s New Comic Books, Ranked, For September 2

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09.02.15 9 Comments

It’s Wednesday, and once again we pull out 30 comics worth reading from the multitude on the stands. What made No. 1 this week?

1) The Omega Men #4

DC’s complicated, intrigue-heavy story of terrorists in space continues to be morally complex, courtesy of Tom King. This issue has art from Toby Cypress, and it’s all about explaining why Kyle Rayner is trying to broker peace in the Vega system… and what a mess the princess introduced in the last issue. Cypress’ abstract layouts and angular, moody style really create an atmosphere, and honestly, this clever take on a hoary old team just keeps getting more impressive. Highly recommended.

2) Plutona #1

Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox deliver an unexpected look at the day-to-day life of teenagers in a world of superheroes. Turns out, it’s pretty quiet; none of these teens are necessarily bad kids, but they’re all kind of a mess in their own way. At least until they find Plutona. Smart, surprisingly insightful and gentle, and well-worth picking up.

3) Bob’s Burgers #3

Once again, this anthology book nails the show, especially the opening Tina story, a parody of Bond that’s simply perfect, and Gene’s… off-kilter take on Cinderella. If you’re a fan of the show, or just need a laugh, this is ideal.

4) Dark Corridor #2

Rich Tommaso’s New Yorker-esque style oddly fits well with his stories of losers, assassins, and bad choices in the fictional city of Red Circle. A definite treat for noir fans.

5) Daredevil #18

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee wrap up their superb run on Daredevil with a corker of a final issue, offering everything from catharsis to more than a few tears. I’m sad to see it go, but what a wonderful book while it lasted.

6) Midnighter #4

Dick Grayson and Midnighter team up to beat the crap out of douchebros and faux vampires. Stephen Mooney takes over art chores here, so it’s clean and pretty to boot. Superhero books don’t get much better than this: Pick it up.

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