New Japanese ‘Iron Man 3’ Teaser Is A Bit More Cheerful

Hey, remember the kinda bleak Iron Man 3 teaser America got? Apparently the Japanese just aren’t that into downer trailers.

First, here’s the American version, with its bombastic choirs and armor sleds:

And the much cheerier and more Avengersy Japanese version:

Is it us, though, or does this version pretty heavily imply Pepper Potts gets it in the third movie?

The movie, in case the trailers hadn’t made it clear enough, features Tony Stark fighting against the Mandarin and other forces as they blow up his house, abduct his girlfriend, trash his armor and, we’re just guessing here, kick his cat.

The basic theme is essentially the one Joss Whedon made fun of in The Avengers; apparently Tony has had just a little bit of trouble dealing with the fact that he was nearly responsible for the destruction of the world, not least because apparently despite his genius he was unable to realize that Loki needing a huge power source and his booting up a massive power source wasn’t a coincidence. Tony’s not sure if the suit makes the man or vice versa.

This also kicks off the new Marvel films cycle climaxing with The Avengers 2, and apparently the second Thor is dark as well. Hey, they are building up to Thanos.

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