A New Jersey Man Was Left Obituaries By His Wife… And His Girlfriend

Leroy Bill Black of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, sadly died last Tuesday from lung cancer due to fiberglass exposure. He was just 55. Before his death, Black had been employed as a fiberglass technician. We know that much to be true.

The other details of Black’s life… Well, those might be a little bit more convoluted, because shortly after his death, the local newspaper, The Press of Atlantic City, published not one, but two obituaries under his name. One by his “loving wife” Bearetta Harrison Black, and the other by his “long-time girlfriend,” Princess Hall. OH, DO GO ON.

Harrison Black’s version of the obit claims Black died on Aug. 2, 2016, at his home surround by family. In addition to his wife, the notice reads, he’s survived by his son Jazz Black, as well Malcolm and Josiah Harrison Fitzpatrick — ostensibly his wife’s children from a previous relationship — who he was also “a father to.” Princess Hall’s obit names only Black’s son and siblings, but not his stepchildren. Nor does either woman acknowledge the existence of the other. Both obituaries, however, include an identical viewing and funeral service listing, which took place this past Saturday.

A viewing is set for Saturday afternoon and Black’s funeral is scheduled for Sunday at Greenidge Funeral Homes in Atlantic City. A staff member at Greenidge who did not identify herself told NBC News that she had received a phone call from a mourner “asking if there’s going to be a problem between the wife and the girlfriend” at the funeral.

Awkward. A quick search doesn’t turn up any New Jersey funeral brawls, so it appears that both parties must have behaved themselves. The important thing to remember here, is that this is about celebrating the life and times of Leroy Bill Black, and his great, great love of monogamous relationships with multiple women.

(Via NBC News)