New Kickstarter Project Wants To Put GIFs In Your Bicycle Wheels

With the Great GIF Pronunciation Debate of 2013 behind us – Team Hard G won, because I say so – we are free as a society to move on in our quest to perfect this delightful art form. For example, I am currently investing millions of dollars into developing permanent GIF tattoos. And while scientists have told me that it’s “100% absolutely impossible” and to stop sending them “Monopoly money”, I remain undaunted in my quest.

Also on a GIF quest are the folks at MonkeyLectric, as they are trying to take their bicycle wheel lights to the masses by creating customized light playlists that essentially display GIFs as a person is riding. Like most people in 2013, MonkeyLectric has a Kickstarter, and they’re already halfway to their goal of making bike GIFs a reality.

Basically, it works like this:

Use our web-based software to create a playlist with your own images and animations – or choose from our collection of custom artwork. Then send your playlist to the Monkey Light Pro with Bluetooth wireless.

Mount the Monkey Light Pro to your bike wheel and take your message to the streets. Once you’re rolling the display fills the bike wheel and is visible from both sides. The Monkey Light Pro is waterproof, durable and designed for use on city streets. Crank your bike to eleven.

And it looks like this:

While I’m sure it’s not everybody’s cup of tea – and potentially distracting to passing motorists and pedestrians – I think it could be pretty cool to express yourself as you please through your bike wheels. I’m just not sure that they’d be able to hook me up with my GIF of choice…

(H/T to BuzzFeed)