Marvel Just Announced Multiple New Comic Series With Big Changes For ‘Iron Man’ And ‘The Punisher’

Marvel comics is about to get personal, as characters and their origins are going to get shaken up in a big way. Announced at London’s MCM Comic Con were a number of new comic book series that will see characters such as Tony Stark and the Punisher facing unforeseen hurdles.

Pivoting off of the Invincible Iron Man saga where Tony Stark teamed up with Dr. Doom, International Iron Man — a new monthly series from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev — will take Tony on an emotional journey after realizing that he was adopted. Meanwhile, new series Nighthawk and Hyperion — from David Walker and the team of Chuck Wendig and Nik Virella, respectively — will see both characters trying to grapple with being the sole remaining survivors of their individual home planets.

The Punisher, who is about to be reintroduced into the Marvel live action world on Daredevil, seems as though it will touch on the darkness of Punisher Max as Frank Castle goes on a drug bust only to discover that the drugs are turning the users into unstable super soldiers. Basically, think Steve Rogers without the morality and do-good spirit. That book is being written by Becky Cloonan with art by Steve Dillon.

X-MEN: Worst X-Man Ever shows the biggest change of pace of the new series. From writer Max Bemis and artist Michael Walsh, the new book will feature new mutant Bailey Hoskins, while refocusing on the outcast element of the universe which has helped make it so popular while also stepping into fresher territory by setting it outside the current continuity.

As you can see, on the heels of Marvel: All New, All Different, the House of Ideas continues to expand and reinvent itself. Tell me, are you breathless from the excitement or the effort it takes to keep up?

Source: CBR