Maino – “2012 Predictions”

01.10.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

As has been the case since 2009, Maino is ushering in the new year with his yearly peeks into the future. But, while you’ll all be hoping to hear what the Brooklyn brawler envisions arising within his “2012 Predictions,” you’re not going to get much crystal ball-type imagery.

Instead, after briefly guessing Obama getting his second chip and a Ri-Ri/Chris Brown reunion, the Main man gives up on the mainstream theme and decides to speak specifically on his own upcoming 350 or so. Which would be cool, if didn’t depict the same exact things within every other song he – or any rapper, for that matter – knocks out on the regular. Considering I casually dig the man’s music and this neat theme, that’s an all-around let down.

But, he could make up for it by dropping a quality lead single for the The Day After Tomorrow, which has been struggling to see shelves since last summer. Three years later, “All The Above” is still the jam.

Maino – “2012 Predictions”

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