Comic-Con New Orleans Recap: CM Punk, The Green Power Ranger And A Whole Lot Of Awesome

Last weekend was pretty huge in the Big Easy as Wizard World brought its Comic-Con to town. Even though I’m a huge comic book guy, I’d never attended before. The weekend was full of all kinds of chicanery and awesomeness. Here are a few notes about the more striking moments from the weekend. Then, of course, you get all the cosplay your little leather-loving hearts desire.

1. Hey, Ladies — Remember when the world thought comics were all for virgins and lonely guys. Well, those days have passed. Comic-Con is full of pretty nice-looking cosplayers playing the cos in half-naked super-hero glory. Hey, Rogue. Howyoudoin?
2. Neal Adams Was There — I’ve always wondered how many people at Comic-Con were actually into comics or were there because they were into movies and keychains based on comic book characters. I don’t understand why everyone didn’t line up to kiss Neal Adams’ feet since he’s the man behind making Batman cool again back in the day. I made a point to hang around his booth and listen to him rant about a Slavic painting that changed his life.
3. You Want To Be Friends With Jason David Frank – Jason David Frank, aka the Green Ranger, was there and holy mother of every single sh*t, he is absolutely insane. The part-time MMA fighter with a “Jesus Didn’t Tap” tattoo had a green cotdamn streak in his hair because he’s Jason David Frank.
While so many people that accrued fame for being corny in the 90s are suddenly too cool for school, JDF absolutely enjoys the fact he’s a Power Ranger (he still is, for one of those spinoff shows) and embraces his claim to fame. I sat in for his Q&A session and it was insanely entertaining. In between impressions of his co-stars, discussion Starbucks talk vs. Power Rangers talk and how he’d take out 100 duck-sized horses, Frank said he wanted to break the world record for highest board break by jumping out of an airplane and breaking a board at 10,000 feet in the air. I want to be his friend, follow him on Twitter and Facebook and share my dreams with him.
4. CM Punk. Not A Jerk. — CM Punk’s whole schtick is being a douchebag to anyone that comes in contact with him. But over the weekend, he was totally approachable and candid during his Q&A. A few tidbits include a story about him wearing an Obama shirt in 2008 just to piss Vince McMahon off, wanting Dean Ambrose to be the wrestler to retire him, and some pretty on-point observations about how WWE isn’t creating any new stars.
5. The Hornets Love Comic-Con – Literally the first person I saw when I walked to Comic-Con was that tall ass Batman. His secret identity? New Orleans Hornet Ryan Anderson. Dressed as Batman. Do you guys see this?! Then, on Sunday, there was Austin Rivers just wandering into the convention, probably to check out some wicked cosplay action.
Before we get to the pics, here’s a video by the pretty awesome Michael “Mike5ive” Garrett and Travis “Sei” Henry that does a great job capturing everything. Plus, more JASON DAVID FRANK!