New Prometheus Pics Reveal What the Titular Ship Will Look Like Before All the Screaming and Dying Starts

04.16.12 7 years ago 4 Comments

About a week ago we brought you a batch of pictures featuring the cast (and frowny director) of Prometheus, but what about the titular star of the film? What about the Prometheus itself? It deserves a bit of the spotlight, doesn’t it?
After the jump we have a bunch of set pics and concept art that shows what the spaceship Prometheus will look like before it’s redecorated with a coat of blood and scattered dead bodies. Oh, and no, I don’t know why all the pictures have Verizon logos on them. I guess even promotional pics need sponsors now?

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I’m always a huge nerd for a good spaceship schematic. 

What would sci-fi be without glowing control panels?

Mmm, those stasis pods look a lot cushier than they did in the Alien movies.

Based on the trailers a lot of action is going to be happening in and/or around this chamber.

It’s uh…a hallway. Not all the sets can be thrilling.

Ah, the mess hall. There’s totally going to be some sort of homage to the chest burster scene happening here, I guarantee it.

So yeah, this post is mostly about the ship, but we still had to get some naked Noomi in.

You can’t escape the decorative throw pillows — not even in space.

Finally, here’s a few non-ship related pics…

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