03.09.10 9 years ago

The publicity team for Tron Legacy created a viral campaign and multi-city scavenger hunt for people to participate in to see the new trailer.  I don’t even get out of my Hello Kitty beanbag chair just to watch an ad, so luckily someone else loaded it online.

The trailer opens as Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) tells Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) that he unexpectedly heard a signal from Sam’s father, Kevin (Jeff Bridges). That leads to Sam poking around the old Flynn’s Arcade, where he finds evidence that his father has been doing some sort of mysterious work. This work could “change everything . . . science, medicine, religion.” Within a secret back room (accessed through a Tron machine, just like the light cycle gallery at Comic Con) Sam finds a gateway to a new digital world. [/film]

And this new digital world was 70% porn and 30% cat pictures, right?  No wonder Jeff Bridges didn’t come home.  Anyway, the action scenes in this were filmed in 3D with a Phantom HD camera that can shoot over 1000 frames/second.  Could be awesome.  Check out the trailer below for the Daft Punk music, slow build-up to the action, and then glow sticks sprayed all in your face by The Dude.

Also available in HQ here.

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