New Underpants to Keep Soldiers' Junk Fightin' Strong

U.S. Army soldiers in Afghanistan have new IED-proof underpants. Good news, although this highlights the somewhat disturbing fact that, up until recently, soldiers didn’t have any special armor for their uh, “areas of strategic importance”. I mean, I wore a cup to play little league softball — my first question if I joined the army would be “okay, so where are the ball-shields at?”

Anyways, the underpants, dubbed “Kevlar boxers”, kind of look like bicycle shorts and come in two layers. There used to just be one layer but soldiers reported chafing and “poor thermal management” — hey, who hasn’t been there, am I right fellas?

Hopefully they make these available to civilians — you can never be too prepared for an America’s Funniest Home Videos moment.

via Gizmag

Soldier pic via Shutterstock