New Vitamin Water Commerical Is Just Begging The Internet To Love It

03.14.12 3 Comments

Overheard at a recent Vitamin Water marketing meeting…

50 Cent: Listen up people. We need to, like, be more popular on the internet. How can we do that.

VW staffer 1
: Cats. Cats are popular on the internet.

50 Cent
: F*ck cats. I hate cats.

VW staffer 2
: Well, um, okay. How about we hire a celeb who’s popular on the internet to be a spokesman? Perhaps Drake?

50 Cent
: (Frowns, shoots death glare) HELL NO! What we need is some of them memes I read about on that awesome UPROXX website.

VW Staffer 3: Here’s an idea: let’s see how many we can fit in a 30-second commercial!

50 Cent: Yeeeaaaaahhhhh!

(HT: Copyranter)

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