Twitter’s ‘If You Play’ Meme For New Year’s Eve Offers Plenty Of Options For Ringing In 2018

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No one likes the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s a surprisingly long and dreary period of time that, whether you’re still on vacation or back to work for a brief moment, never really amounts to anything fun. Thankfully, that it culminates with a series of global celebrations to ring in the new year somehow makes it all worth it — especially since Twitter’s recent “if you play” meme is here with plenty of serious (and silly) soundtrack options. Just in case listening to Mariah Carey attempt an about-face from last year’s lip sync scandal isn’t in your wheelhouse, of course.

The meme, which began inexplicably in mid-December, quickly caught on as more and more people began suggesting various songs, clips, and other media for New Year’s Eve revelers to play (and when to play them). In addition to the particular track, the most popular submissions also included instructions for what specific time to start playing them. Why? So that a desired lyric, guitar riff, or drum beat would hit just as the clock strikes midnight for the first seconds of 2018. Needless to say, many of the options are so good, you may want to recruit multiple smartphones and stereos for the task.

Of course, not everything suggested for the meme is necessarily a song. (Or completely serious, for that matter).