New York Jets Shopping Sanchez, Tebow?

The New York Jets have had a bullseye on their back since Rex Ryan burst onto the scene, making as many brash predictions as he could think of. Gradually regressing as his tenure grew longer, the wheels on the organization have been loosening for the last couple of seasons, and now, with news breaking that both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are on their way out, they may have finally fallen off. According to sources, the Jets “will explore all options with Sanchez, including a trade, and the team plans to part ways with Tebow after the season.”

This news comes on the heels of the team starting former Alabama signal caller Greg McElroy for the duration of the season, and should begin a new era in Jets football. No news yet on how Rex Ryan figures into the future, but whatever sweeping changes needed to be made, quarterback was one of them. The team probably won’t get much out of Sanchez, but the sooner they can move on, the better.

As far as Tebow goes…well, there’s probably a reason he isn’t playing over a seventh-round draft pick like McElroy. Make whatever jokes you want in the comments.