New Zealand Embraces Stereotypes, Puts Hobbits On Their Money

10.11.12 7 years ago

So, New Zealand now has money with hobbits, dwarves and wizards on it. Sure guys, just go ahead and reinforce those stereotypes that your economy is 100% halfling-based. Oh, and New Zealand’s capital will unofficially renamed “The Middle of Middle Earth” when the first Hobbit movie comes out next month. Guys. Come on, this is sad. You’ve got more than just Peter Jackson Tolkien movies going on! You’ve uh, also got Flight of the Conchords! Go name a city after Jemaine or something.

But hey, don’t listen to me. Ian McKellen thinks these Hobbit coins are a smashing idea…

“To put Gandalf on these splendiferous coins is a wizard idea. The pointy hat, the beard and the illuminated staff – the $1.90 NZ stamp is pure Gandalf.”

Yes, apparently Ian McKellen actually spoke those words. You know, if Hobbit money is good enough for drunk/senile Ian McKellen, it’s good enough for me! Hit the jump for a closer look at New Zealand’s new Hobbit-themed coins and stamps…

via BuzzFeed

If you’re ever in New Zealand and find one of these coins in your pocket, don’t go spend at the kiwi version of 7-11. These things are actually worth way more than their face value. The $10 gold pieces for instance are actually worth over $3500.

Hit the second page for some stamps…

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