New Zealand Newspaper Mistakenly Runs Photo Of ‘Jackass’ Star Ryan Dunn Instead Of Dead Israeli Soldier

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07.29.14 9 Comments

New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald has already issued an earnest apology for running the above image accompanied with the headline, “Kiwi killed in Gaza” on the front page of their Monday edition. Staff Sgt. Guy Boyland died in Gaza on Friday as a result of a firefight with Hamas gunmen. Boyland had moved to Israeli from New Zealand as a child and was a fan of Dunn, leading to this Facebook image-grabbing confusion.

Guy Boyland was a fan of comedian Ryan Dunn and had posted the photo we used on his Facebook page when the comedian died in 2011. The New Zealand Herald incorrectly sourced the image of Ryan Dunn from Guy’s page, along with several other images, believing them to be of Guy.

The family of the soldier has apparently been “remarkably forgiving” for having the image of the Jackass star who died in a 2011 car crash used by mistake.

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