The Next-Gen Rain and Puddle Tech Of ‘InFamous: Second Son’ Does Seattle Proud

One of the little things that sets the upcoming Infamous: Second Son apart, is that it’s one of the very few video games (aside from the Shadowrun series) to be set in Seattle, Washington. The team behind the InFamous series is actually located in a Seattle suburb, so of course they knew the first thing they had to focus on when creating a next-gen representation of their hometown was fancy new rain, puddle and fog effects.

The following video details some of the work that went into to making Second Son’s version of Seattle (with a emphasis on the town’s crappy weather). It’s one of the first Second Son trailers I’ve seen that really makes the game look next-gen, as opposed to a slightly sharpened up PS3 game, so it’s definitely work a look…

Looking pretty good. Okay Canadian devs, time to get working on next-gen snow effects so we can finally have an open world whiskey smuggling game set in Toronto or Calgary or something.

via Kotaku