Next Up In ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ Party Is ‘First World Problems’

First world problems, am I right, fellow Internet users? ‘Weird Al’ Yankoivc’s sixth video in six days, “First World Problems,” takes on the time-honored tradition of people complaining about the most meaningless sh*t on Earth, set to The Pixies. From a pixel being out on a laptop screen to a barista not being creative enough with coffee foam, so many of us just don’t how obnoxious our so-called problems really are. Oh well, at least we have Weird Al, well on the way to what could be his first No. 1 album of his wonderful career, to put us all in line, in case all of the other times that “First World Problems” have been showcased didn’t do the job. Above, I’ve included a video of Al talking about “First World Problems,” but you’ll have to go to Pop Crush to watch the actual video, because they have it locked for sharing until Monday.

Speaking of Weird Al’s No. 1 album, Amazon is currently selling “Mandatory Fun” for just $5.99, so if you’re the type of Yankoholic that wants to make sure Jason Mraz is stuck at No. 2, get to consuming.

(Via Pop Crush)