Nic Cage Is Every Hobbit Character, And We Couldn’t Be Happier About It

You may have noticed we’re huge fans of photoshopping Nic Cage into things. But our photoshop skills pale in comparison to those of Brazilian artist, friend of UPROXX, and Nic Cage connoisseur Matheus Candido, whose site is a treasure trove of Cage-centric delights. We’ve already featured his work photoshopping Nic Cage as every member of The Avengers, all of The Expendables, every character in Star Wars, and many, many more.

Now Matheus has sent us his perhaps finest work: Nic Cage as every character in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘s poster. This is the Hobbit photoshop to rule them all. Just look at how precious this is.

(Click for glorious full size.)

That settles it. Nic Cage and Nori the dwarf need to have a “most argument-invalidating hairstyle” competition: