‘Game Of Thrones’ Plus OkCupid Friend Zone Equals The ‘Nice Guys Of Westeros’

Last week, we told you about the self-proclaimed “Nice Guys of OkCupid,” those unlucky gentlemen who are forever alone and climbing the wall that separates the friend zone and the more-than-friends zone, a wall as fraught with danger as THE Wall from Game of Thrones. Someone took that metaphor to the next level, though, and now we have “Nice Guys of Westeros.” Winter may be coming, but these fellows are not.

The premise works brilliantly for the characters in George R.R. Martin’s books: Littlefinger, in particular, is basically every dude who sees himself as the victim in every situation; he’s even got the selfie pic figured out. The only guy who comes out looking like a future-boyfriend is Hodor, because Hodor.