Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) Voices 'Axe Cop' And All Is Right With The World

As you may have heard, Fox is producing an animated version of the Axe Cop webcomic, which is drawn by Ethan Nicolle based on stories by his eight-year-old brother Malachai (who was five when the series started). Fox’s animated Axe Cop series is set to debut next April as part of the channel’s late evening Animation Domination HD (ADHD) which will compete with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programs.

To give fans an idea of what’s to come, Fox has released a Halloween-themed Axe Cop short, the first bit of animation we’ve seen for the upcoming show. In perhaps the most inspired (or maybe obvious) comics-adaptation casting since Patrick Stewart was given the role of Professor X, Nick Offerman, also known as Ron Swanson of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, is the voice of Axe Cop. [Comics Alliance]

We don’t know yet if Offerman will be the voice of Axe Cop in the final version of the series, but we can hope. It’s hard to imagine anyone else voicing him. Also, we’ve heard that if you watch this demo while dressed as a wolvye with a sweet mustache, the universe will implode and re-form as a new universe completely identical to our own. Legend has it this has already happened four times. (Re-read that part in Nick Offerman’s authoritative voice if you don’t believe me.)

This followed the original comic panel awesomely well: