Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Just Feuded On Twitter, And The Internet Noticed

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Once the MTV VMA nominations dropped, Nicki Minaj wasted no time in expressing her displeasure at what she perceived as a slight against her “Feeling Myself” video. Then Taylor Swift inserted herself into the drama, and a feud was born.

Nicki was quick to point out that she never specifically mentioned Swift during her tirade. Yet it’s hard to blame Swift for getting shade from Nicki, who is a master at throwing shade while saying “no shade.” So Nicki let loose:

The Internet — specifically Twitter — couldn’t be more thrilled to see these two go head to head. Very early on in the battle, Kim Kardashian tweeted and deleted this missive:

But many tweeters didn’t understand why Taylor took Nicki’s tweets personally:

Many others supported Nicki’s stance with or without the Taylor feud:

Most of the reactions to the feud itself landed squarely within Team Minaj:

Team Taylor did score a few weak points:

Some Twitter users appeared perplexed as to why this feud exists:

Others hoped that perhaps this was all just one big misunderstanding.