Play The Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Memorial Challenge!

A piece of me died yesterday when Nicolas Cage announced that he will no longer be experimenting with hairstyles.

“I’ve always tried to experiment with different looks, but I’ve stopped doing that now. You probably won’t see me doing any different hairstyles for a long time.”

As a spokesperson for ironic fans of all things Cage, I’d like to point out that the man’s ridiculous, keep-you-guessing hairstyles are at least half of his appeal. This is well documented. Thank God we still have whatever the hell is going on with his face as well as his weird hairline to keep us occupied — but still, this is a tragic loss.
So to sear the many hairstyles of Nic Cage into our collective consciousnesses (NEVER FORGET!) I’ve put together this memorial challenge. We provide a hair hint and you answer with the correct hairstyle name or film it appeared in. It’s the least I could do in these trying times. Some hints have more forehead than others, but no hints contain eyebrows. That would just make things too damn easy as Nic Cage does the majority of his acting via eyebrows.
7/10 is a passing grade. 9+ sends you to the head of the class. If you don’t guess Con Air correctly feel free to cancel your internet service because you’re using it wrong.

AKA “The Raising Arizona”
Also accepting “The Adaptation,” “The Charlie Kaufman,” or “The Donald Kaufman.”
Totally underrated flick, btw.
Fun Fact: The first day of filming on the set of Next is generally considered by Cage historians as the moment when he officially started f*cking with everyone.
“I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence” is also an acceptable answer.
Pay close attention to the hair-to-forehead ratio. It’s precise.
Thanks for playing.
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