Nicole Arbour’s Newest Followup Is Called ‘Dear Black People,’ And The Internet Isn’t Pleased

The past few months have made Nicole Arbour so happy. Her “Dear Fat People” video upset countless people and catapulted her to temporary fame. Arbour refused to apologize and then embarrassed herself on The View, where she tried to explain why offensiveness is a valuable skill. Arbour followed up with an abortion rant before the Filmdrunk Frotcast summarized her as a monster created by the internet. Indeed.

Arbour’s newest effort to one-up herself is called, naturally, “Dear Black People.” She leaps right into the quickest way to offend: “Stop, don’t shoot! … is what some of you are having to say to the f*cked up po-lice… oh, you thought I was going somewhere else with that? Kinda racist of you.” Then Arbour introduces “my friend, Latoya,” and the video sets the railways on fire: “Can we just get on this whole cultural appropriation thing, right now? Your sh*t is just cooler.”

In short order, Arbour makes the claim that she knows all about inequality because she’s a woman, which is her way of committing a logical fallacy on the way to the bank. Then come the unironic claims that Arbour has befriended and admired a great number of black people. Before the end of the video, Arbour has issued distasteful statements on big wangs, black hair, and how she should be able to say the “n” word because of pickles. None of what she says makes sense, of course, but logical video rants usually don’t go viral. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

Arbour took to social media to gloat about her controversial ways:

Meanwhile, Twitter is largely exasperated with Arbour’s viral supremacy.

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